August 18, 2017

CNA license in Florida

A certified nursing assistant is also called as CNA who mostly works under a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). A CNA has to perform simple task like assisting or helping his/her clients or patients in perform duties like dressing, bathing, eating, grooming, and other routine activities.

CNAs are also required to observe and monitor their patient’s health from time to time by often taking their blood pressure and pulse rate. Like many states in America, the state of Florida also has its own set of rules and regulations through which you can get your CNA license in Florida.

The state of Florida has its requirements to get a CNA license.

Educational qualification: To join a CNA certification course in the state of Florida, an applicant must possess a high school diploma. The applicant must also be above 16 years of age. It is better to check and confirm all the requirements in the Florida state board of nursing or the Florida Department of Health.

CNA training program: Even though the state of Florida does not need CNAs to complete a CNA certification course, the Florida Department of Health mentions that to take the CNA certification exam applicants must complete a CNA certification course. Applicants can do their CNA certification course in high schools, community colleges or in nursing homes.

Once enrolled in a CNA certification exam, students will need to learn on subjects like patient’s rights, nutrition, anatomy, infection control, communication skills and infection control skills. According to federal laws certified nursing assistants must complete a 75 hours CNA training course.

CNA certification exam: To become a licensed CNA, students must successfully complete the CNA certification exam. The CNA exam usually consists of two parts which includes the written and practical part. The written part usually is based on what the student has learned during the CNA certification course. The practical part involves the student to perform nursing assistant skills like washing hands of the patients, helping a patient to walk or stand, taking a patient’s blood pressure, and other related activities.

Once you are employed as a full time CNA you will be required to complete at least 12 hours of continuing education every year by having training in courses that include on HIV and AIDS, domestic violence, communicating with mentally impaired patients, and safety.

Don’t forget to renew your CNA license in Florida after every two years. Many CNAs in Florida and in other states completely forget about their license renewal and ultimately end up without jobs. Your CNA license is a proof that you have completed a CNA certification course and have a valid CNA license to work in Florida.


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