August 22, 2017

Retest Requirements for the CNA License in Georgia

If you are trying to become a certified nursing assistant, but fail the exam the first time, you would probably be interested in learning the retest requirements for the CNA license in Georgia. Before you can obtain your license and begin your career, you must meet the CNA mandates set by the state. This includes acing the certified nursing assistant license exam.

In Georgia, if you do not pass the exam the first time, you do not immediately have to retake the training program. You are allowed to take the exam up to three times before you are required to repeat the certified nursing assistant course. You also have to pass it in a certain period of time- within two years of you completing the training. If you fail to do this, you will have to repeat the education requirement.

The exam might have bested you on your first try, but you can register for it again when you are better prepared as long as you meet the retest requirements for the CNA license in Georgia. If you think you were not able to pass it because of a language barrier, you can request the test in English, Spanish, or to be given orally. There are multiple free practice tests available online to help you study for the written portion of the exam. You can also apply for an internship at a local health facility if you feel like you struggled with the skills portion; more practice may help you grow more confident in your technique.

Now that you know the retest requirements for the CNA license in Georgia, you can make a goal to try the exam again. It is important to prepare thoroughly for the test and to practice performing the skills properly.


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