September 23, 2017

CNA License Look Up:How To?

Other than possessing a CNA license, a certified nursing aide should also possess love, patience and dedication to excel in this job role. It is quite obvious why an individual needs to possess these characteristics. Working in a hospital environment where there are many patients who need medical assistance and physical assistance, a certified nursing assistant plays a vital role in a healthcare facility.

Certified nursing assistants usually provide basic patient care like helping patients walk around the healthcare facility, help them in their hygiene and provide them assistance with whatever they need. The given article will teach you not only how to perform a CNA license look up, but also tell you few points on how you get your CNA license.

To get a CNA license, you will have to first of all undergo CNA training for few months in a state approved community college. To enroll yourself in the community college you will need to have a clean criminal background and a positive TB test. Once you complete your CNA certification course, you will have to appear for a CNA license exam.

To get certified as a CNA by your state nursing board, you will have to score good marks in the CNA exam. Once you clear your CNA exam, your name along with the CNA license will be visible on the nurse aide registry website of your state from which you have completed your CNA certification.

To work as a certified nursing assistant, you will need to possess a CNA license which you will once receive after successfully completing your CNA exam. It is also imperative that you know the contents of your CNA exam. Usually the CNA exam consists of the written and clinical test.

In the written test, you will be asked simple objective type of questions. The clinical test will require you to perform nursing aide skills in front of the examiner. You will either have to bring your own volunteer or carry out the test in a live healthcare facility. Another important point to take note is that many certified nursing assistants don’t take their renewal seriously.

Now, the CNA license is valid for only two years. The day of issuing is not important as it is not considered, but usually every odd and even year (Dec 31st) is taken as the expiry date. Supposing you have received your CNA license in an odd year (say 2009, then it will expire on Dec 31st (2011) two years later.

For renewing your CNA license, you would have had to complete at least 150 working hours in a healthy care setting. So, how do you do CNA license look up. Well, it is a simple process, first log in to your state’s nursing board’s website. Type in your existing CNA license in the search box and your details will appear in the next web page.


  1. How to cna license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      You can get a CNA license by undergoing the training course and then appearing for the NNAAP exam. Once you pass the certification, you would get your license. With proper renewals on time, you can retain the certification

  2. damitarichardson says:

    I am interested in getting my cna license how do I get started ?

  3. Kazue Coon says:

    I took a course and was certified in 1996 since then i became a surgical assistant. i want to renew my certification do i have to take the course over again to do so?

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