August 18, 2017

CNA License Number Lookup: What Should You Do?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is mainly responsible to look after patients and take care of them. As a CNA you will mainly have to perform basic nursing procedures like helping the patient get up, help the patient use the loo, prepare the patient beds, ready their meals, and also monitor and take vital readings.

As a certified nursing assistant you will work under a registered nurse (RN). Becoming a CNA is the ideal way to start your career in the health care sector. You can get your way up as a registered nurse too within a short while. This article will be useful not only for those who are CNAs residing in the United States, but also those who are residing in Connecticut to find out how to perform a CNA license number lookup.

Their have also been occasions where CNAs have lost their license. This can be a tough situation if you are a certified nursing assistant looking for a job as you have to prove to your future employers that you have done your CNA certification training. Your CNA license is a proof that you have done your CNA licensing program from an accredited institute in the state.

None the less, you will be glad to know that you can easily perform a CNA license number lookup. Here is how you can do a CNA license number lookup in the state of Connecticut.

You will have to visit the Connecticut state nursing assistant registry or the state nursing assistant registry. If you are from Connecticut, then you can visit the given website Once you have accessed the website, you will notice a box in which you will have to type in your social security number or your name.

So, you must remember your social security number as it will come handy in these kind of situations. Once you type your name in, press enter. You will get a new webpage with your details along with the CNA license number. Write your CNA license number and give a call to your states nursing assistant board. In Connecticut the number to be called is (800) 566-8668. Tell them your predicament and give them the needed details that they want to verify about you.

You will have to request them to mail a copy of your CNA license. When you receive your CNA license, make couple of copies just in case. Supposing the online verification form doesn’t work, then you can directly call your state’s nursing board and request them for a copy of your CNA license. You need to be aware that many nursing homes will not accept you as a licensed CNA without your license.

As you can see from the above article, you can easily verify and get back your CNA license.


  1. How to find your cna licence number?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      You can enter into the state nurse aide registry page. Here, there would be a verification page where in you would have to submit your details. Once you do this, your license number should appear on that page.

  2. i need a test for cna.

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