August 22, 2017

CNA License Test: How To Come Out With Flying Colors?

A certified nursing assistant or CNA is a basic healthcare worker who plays an important role in a patient recovery or well being. It is a common sight these days to find nursing assistants often keeping an eye on patients and helping them in their everyday task. A certified nursing assistant also play a crucial role in looking after aged people, giving freedom for their children to focus on their respective careers.

It is imperative that a CNA aspirant knows how to prepare for a CNA license test. A CNA license test usually consists of two tests that is conducted in a health care facility. The first part is the written part, which questions the theoretical knowledge of the CNA candidate. The next part of the CNA exam is the practical part where the candidate must demonstrate his/her clinical training ability.

What are the requirements: As a CNA student you will need to have at least 100 hours of training in an accredited institute. The institute or community college must be approved by your state’s nursing board. Your training class will consist of topics like human anatomy, human physiology, patient rights, how to communicate with the patient.

To get enrolled in a CNA program, you will have to pass a background check. A CNA applicant can take the CNA certification exam only three times within one year or redo the CNA certification course.

What is the need for CNA certification exam: A CNA certification exam is mainly designed to test the student’s knowledge in the responsibilities of a certified nurse’s assistant. The practical test is done to test the student’s ability in performing the CNA job role.

Features of a CNA certification exam: The written exam contains around 100 multiple choice questions which has to be completed in two hours. If the CNA candidate does not speak English, they can also take the exam in their language for an additional fee. The clinical test is held for 35 minutes where the candidate is required to perform 5 tasks on a volunteer or patient. Tasks like helping the patient get up, sit down, or walk around using walking equipments have to be demonstrated in front of an instructor.

Considerations needed to be taken for a CNA certification test: You as a CNA must make sure that you prepare well and take the needed materials like pencils and ID card for your CNA certification exam. Certified nursing assistants have to recertify within their state as many states don’t acknowledge CNA certification from other states.

The above article makes it obvious that preparation is the key to approach your CNA license test. Make best use of the article and get your CNA license.


  1. How to create a cna license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      You cannot create a CNA license. However, you can obtain one from the State health department or the CNA nurse aide registery by undergoing a training course and then taking a certification exam.

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