August 16, 2017

How to Transfer a CNA License to Washington?

Do you want to transfer your CNA license to Washington or is it that you want to know ‘How to Transfer a CNA License to Washington?’? Initially you shall have to submit an application requesting an endorsement of your license in Washington. After you complete this process then, you can work as a CNA in Washington. Transferring the CNA License to Washington is quite essential as without the endorsement, you cannot work as a CNA in Washington State, even if you do have a current license of any other state.

Below are mentioned a few details regarding ‘How to Transfer a CNA License to Washington?’ From the Washington State Department of Health website, initially you shall have to download and print a Nursing Assistant Certified/ Endorsement Application Packet. You should thoroughly read the instructions mentioned in this application so that you complete it in all the aspects before submitting it. This application is a 19 page application.

There are several details which are required to be filled in this endorsement application form. Some of the details that are required to be filled in the in the application form are personal and demographic information, also details related to your CNA working history are to be filled. Do not fill the section where the program director of your training is supposed to fill the details regarding your certification.

Along with the application you are supposed to submit a check or money order which is made payable to the Department of Health as fees. The check or money order should be of $48. While filling the application form, you must ensure to mark the box labeled as “Certified Nursing Assistant by Interstate Endorsement” on the application. Fill in all the sections of the application which are applicable, and in areas which are not applicable, mark N/A or draw a line through those sections rather than leaving them blank. In case your answer to any of the questions in the personal data section of the application is positive then you must include all the supporting documentation.

To verify your current CNA license, you must fill in the top part of the Out of State Verification form for your home state. Then, you are supposed to send it to your home state’s nurse aide registry, which will complete it and then send it to Washington State.

You are supposed to send your completed application and fee to the Department of Health; P.O. Box 1099; Olympia, Washington 98507-1099.

Learn how to Transfer a CNA License to Washington by following the above mentioned steps. Following these steps you can effectively transfer your CNA License to Washington.


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