August 18, 2017

CNA License Transfer

If you are a candidate of certified nursing assistant and want to move from one state to another state, it is important to transfer your CNA license certificate from the present state to the state you are going to be moved. For nurses a CNA certificate is very much important as it is the proof for their qualification and other nursing skills. Therefore getting a CNA license transfer certificate is required.

Instructions on How to Transfer CNA Certificate from One State to Another State

Various steps and instructions are included in CNA license transfer process. For example let us consider that you require a transfer certificate from Illinois to North Carolina. The North Carolina state does not provide the mutual exchange of commercial goods for a Certified Nurse assistant license from Illinois or to any other place in the United States. If you want to get a CNA license certificate for North Carolina, then you have to present an application form to PearsonVue. The PearsonVue is an organization that conducts an examination called National Nurse Aide Assessment Program.

Steps Involved in CNA License Transfer

Some of the steps that has to be strictly followed while getting a CNA license transfer certificate is:
First you have to get registered by submitting an application form. Check if you are suitable for the process and satisfy the needs like: should have finished the training course in nurse aide other than North Carolina and possessing a CAN license certificate in some other states or individuals who have failed to acquire a training course in formal nurse assistant

Once you get qualified by PearsonVue, you have to submit an application for registering the examination. It is better to submit a paper application or an online application. The National Association of Credentialing Examination Services (NACES) should receive the information about the selected method before 12 days of the exam date. For paying the examination fee for an online application form, you can make use of the credit cards such as Master card, Visa, and American Express. For online applications, you can access the application form through PULSE portal. The examination fee is 101 dollars. For written examination and oral skills evaluation, the fee is $24 and for retest written Examination and oral test, it is $77.

If you are unable to access through the internet or credit card system, you have to present a paper application. While coming for the examination, you have to bring a yellow postcard. The PearsonVue announces the examination results to the state board of North Carolina. Once the results are satisfactory, you will get a license for North Carolina license. It is required that you clear the tests within two years of first attempt.

Therefore, for obtaining a CNA license transfer certificate, you have to follow the above mentioned steps correctly.


  1. wilber baldwin says:

    Direction on how to transfer cna licenses?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It is important to understand the rules pertaining to the state you are moving to. Rules vary with state. You can either call them or visit their web site for details.

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