August 20, 2017

CNA License Verification: What Does It Involve?

Usually your CNA certification course takes few months to complete and you have to appear for an examination that will be held by your state. Once you complete your certified nursing assistant certification course, you are given a CNA certification license which gives you the ability to work in your state in a nursing home or hospital.

You can even work as a private nursing attendant where you don’t have to possess a certificate. In these kinds of cases, you may forget to renew your CNA license. So, how can you get your CNA license verified or know that you’re CNA license is valid? You will be surprised to know that this is a simple process.

Given below are few easy steps that can help you in your CNA license verification.

You will have to first log in your state’s nursing board website and type in your license number and name. It will clearly mention the status of your CNA license. Some states also provide information like the state’s CNA licensing authority and registry office to know the status of your license.

You can also receive a copy of your CNA certification and license through post by sending a post to them. However, using the online registry is a more convenient method as it takes only few minutes unlike the postal method, which may take days or weeks. If you are a CNA, practicing in California, then you can simply refer the online verification system which has the certification and your license on the nursing board’s website.

Supposing you don’t have any information with you when going to the nursing registry office, then you need to utilize your social security number. So, it is advisable to always keep your social security number safely. Talking about the CNA license verification, well it varies from state to state. This makes it hard to tell the exact amount for a particular state.

This is where you have two methods to get your CNA license copy. You can either get your CNA license posted to your home address or get it emailed to you. Sure, the email method sounds quite easy, but it is better to go for the post method as it has the original seal of the licensing authority. Your CNA license can also be verified with an independent organization.

Only when you want to transfer information from one state to another, your information will be carried around.

From the above article it becomes imperative that your get your CNA license verified. So, if you are a certified nursing assistant, then please make sure that you get CNA license verification done on your license. You do not want to get involved in any sort of legal problems when you are continuing your practice and your CNA license is not valid.


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    Where can i find a c.n.a licesence copy?

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