August 23, 2017

CNA Missouri: How Can You Get It?

Being a certified nursing assistant is a very exciting job. You get to interact with many people who are in need of love and compassion more than anything else. Yes, there are doctors and nurses who are present in hospitals and nursing homes, but due to high work pressure they are not able to spend time with the patient.

This is where the need for someone who is certified as a nursing assistant arises. According to population statistics, many counties in the country have elderly who have to look after themselves. As a nursing assistant you can find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, health organizations, etc. Becoming a certified nursing assistant in the United States is quite a simple task.

The reason for that is because you have so many institutes that provide certification programs. The state of Missouri too has colleges and institutes who are in partnership with the American Red Cross that offer certification course in nursing assistants. You have community colleges and vocational schools that are ideal places to pursue your CNA Missouri education from.

Having previous experience in the healthcare industry is an added advantage as you just need to renew your certification in Missouri. You can contact the nursing board of the state of Missouri to do that.

Given below is information on how you can get your certified nursing assistant training in the state of Missouri.

Missouri CNA Certification Requirements: Once you finish your nursing assistant training course you need to give your certified nursing assistant exam. You will be required to submit fingerprint cards and provide a state and federal background check without which you will not be certified by the nursing board of Missouri.

The CNA certification program in Missouri consists of a maximum of 13 weeks or an equivalent of 75 accredited hours of theory class and 100 hours of practical work. The certification exam is usually divided into two parts. The first part is the theory part, where you will have to answer objective type questions. The next part of your exam is the practical, where you will be required to perform procedures on patients. As a nursing assistant you must know how to help a patient to sit, stand, bend, use the toilet, etc.

You will also have to take the patients blood pressure and other readings. You will also need to take training on how to use medical equipments in case of emergencies. Labor statistics in the country has predicted that the nursing assistant industry will experience excellent growth than other professions.

This is the ideal time to join a certification course in nursing assistant to be part of the growing industry. Don’t forget that once you complete your certification exam you must make sure that your name is listed on the Missouri Nurse Aide Registry.

You can type the keyword CNA Missouri on the internet to get more information.

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