August 22, 2017

CNA Pay in Kansas

Numerous jobs await individuals who have graduated from a CNA program. A lot of medical establishments offer jobs for competent certified nursing assistants with standard CNA pay in Kansas. As long as you have passed the certifying exam for CNAs, you will be eligible for employment in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. However, it is in nursing homes, convalescent centers and residential home care facilities that most CNAs are in demand. You can apply for a CNA position in Armour Oaks Senior Living and Glennon Place Nursing Center.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a certified nursing assistant can make $10.85 per hour in Kansas. Annual CNA pay in Kansas for the less experienced is at $19,760 while those who have average experience receives $20,800. For CNAs who have worked for long number of years and with the most experience, an annual salary offered is at $24,960. However, CNA jobs in Kansas City, MO are 17 percent lower than the average income received by CNAs in other areas nationwide.

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant in Kansas, you must complete at least 90 hours of CNA training. After completing a CNA program and passing the CNA certifying exam, you will be eligible for a job employment. The Myers Nursing Home and Convalescent Center offers CNA employment for certified nursing assistants. The Caroll Manor is also offering jobs for CNAs in Kansas. Although nursing homes are primary employers of CNAs, salaries are comparatively low from other jobs in other industries. However, working as a CNA guarantees you of continuous hourly workload that will give you standardCNA pay in Kansas.

The CNA pay in Kansas is lower when you compare it to the national range. Even the largest cities in the state have lower salaries for CNAs than the national range. The median pay for the state is at $20,800 while the median salary nationwide is at $28,227. However, regardless of salaries, a lot of people still want to become CNAs because of the endless opportunities of advancement in this entry-level position. For more information on possible employment, you may refer to the list below.

  • Armour Oaks Senior Living, 8100 Wornall Road, Kansas City, Kansas, (816) 363-5141
  • Glennon Place Nursing Center, 128 North Hardesty Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas, (816) 241-2020
  • Myers Nursing Home and Convalescent Center, 2315 Walrond Avenue, Kansas City, (816) 241-7661
  • Caroll Manor, 3400 Campbell Street, Kansas City, Kansas,(816) 531-5746
  • Hope Care Center, 115 East 83rd Street, Kansas City, Kansas,(816) 523-3988

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