August 16, 2017

CNA Pay in NJ

Certified nursing assistant jobs in New Jersey have become abundant following the increase in the elderly population. It has created new jobs for wage and salary workers who want to take part in the growing healthcare industry. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a projected increase of healthcare related jobs by 2018. Because of this, high school newly graduates as well as career shifters sought for a CNA training to respond to the demand. Workers receive standard CNA pay in NJ from employing in different medical establishments.

Pay scales vary from state to state and employing facilities. In New Jersey, you can employ in Eastern Pines Convalescent as well as the Our Ladys Residence. Individuals receive CNA pay in NJ that ranges from $9.97 to $16.66 per hour. Overtime rate as well as bonus pays also apply. Other nursing homes where you can find possible employment are in Absecon Manor Nursing Home and Villa Rafaella Assisted Living.

Certified nursing assistants administer direct patient care to those who can no longer facilitate their personal needs. Specifically, patients to whom CNAs administer care are those belonging to the elderly age group. Annual CNA pay in NJ ranges from $26,120 to $30,390. Approximately 49,540 individuals work as certified nursing assistants in the state of New Jersey. To become a nursing assistant, you must earn training from an accredited institution. Further, you have to pass the CNA certifying exam to be eligible for employment.

The highest CNA pay in NJ listed is in the Edison area where an annual salary of $26,950 followed by the Vineland area where workers receive an annual rate of $25,970. These areas in NJ were among the top 5 listed to have the highest concentration of CNA workers. You can find employment in Roosevelt Care Center in the Edison area and New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home in Vineland Area. For more information on possible locations for employment in NJ, you may refer to the list provided below.

  • Eastern Pines Convalescent, 29 North Vermont Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ, (609) 344-8900
  • Our Ladys Residence, 1100 Clematis Avenue, Pleasantville, NJ, (609) 646-2450
  • Absecon Manor Nursing Home, 1020 Pitney Road, Absecon, NJ, (609) 646-5400
  • Villa Rafaella Assisted Living, 917 South Main Street, Pleasantville, NJ, (609) 645-9300
  • Roosevelt Care Center, 1 Roosevelt Drive, Edison, NJ, (732) 321-6800
  • New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home, 524 N West Blvd, Vineland, NJ, (856) 405-4200

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