September 23, 2017

CNA Pay Scale In Washington State

Deciding to work in Washington State as a nursing assistant can be a good and bad decision. However, in the end, you will realize that the positive aspects will still outweigh the negative part of working here. Let us start with the down side. This is not really a down side, but if you will do the comparison to other states, it is. The one being talked about here is the CNA pay scale in Washington State. With an average salary ranging from $28,000 to $32,000, this is quite lower as compared to the average annual salary based on national standards. This is lower by about 9%.

This might be a bit of a problem for some who aim for a very high pay. However, this must not be a big problem at all. In fact, there are more positive sides to working here. The first one is the availability of jobs. In other states, you might find high paying jobs, but it will take time before you can be employed. On the other hand, it Washington, you might not receive as high as the other states, but your employment is assured right after you get certified. There is a constant increase in the demand for nursing assistants by more than 7% for the past years. Washington is one of the many states that are really desperate to fill out the vacancy in terms of the demands for nursing assistants. Rest assured, the moment you stay longer in your job, your CNA pay scale in Washington State will go higher.

Most nursing homes or hospitals will find a way to keep their people. Thus, the length of service is usually being paid off through an increase in the salary. Yet, this can only be achieved if there is an improvement in your performance. Improved performance would also mean increase in salary. However, it is important to know that each institution has varied rules on the increase. If you have also decided to further your studies, be it in Master’s, degree in nursing, or any other medical field, your CNA pay scale in Washington State might also increase.

Now, given all the positive aspects of working in Washington, would you still consider the 9% CNA pay scale in Washington State lower a big factor? Definitely not! For sure, with all the benefits that you can get as well as the wonderful state where you are staying as of the moment, you can‘t ask for anything more. If you have finished your training in Washington, make an effort to find a job within the state right away.

If you are interested to train in Washington for the certification, below are the list of possible schools and contact information:

  • Washington State Nurse Aide Registry
    Washington Aging & Adult Services Administration – Residential Care Services Division 640 Woodland Square Loop SE, Olympia, WA 98504; (360) 725-2570
  • A-Plus Nurses Assistant Training School – Seattle
    6951 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, Seattle, WA 98118; (206) 723-5100
  • Stafford Healthcare – Des Moines
    2800 South 224th, Des Moines, Washington 98003; (206) 824-0600
  • Nursing Assistant Training School – Tukwila
    625 Strander Blvd., Tukwila, WA 98188; (206) 575-2010
  • Highline Community College CNA Program – Des Moines
    2400 South 240th Street, Des Moines, WA 98198; (206) 878-3710


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