September 23, 2017

CNA Pennsylvania Salary

The opportunities waiting for you if you work as a nursing assistant in Pennsylvania are endless. The availability of jobs in line with your profession is high. The moment you get certified, there is a greater chance for you to be employed right away. The rate in Pennsylvania is also good enough to make a living. Speaking of salary, the CNA Pennsylvania salary will range from $12.23 up to $15.83 per hour. This is dependent on your employer and the nature of the company or establishment where you have decided to work.

If you work in private hospitals or nursing homes, the salary might be high. However, the security of your tenure is better in government institutions. Once you already start working as a permanent staff, you will keep your job forever unless you decide to resign or you have been fired due to certain violations of the law. More than that, there is also a possibility that you will be asked to further your studies in nursing or any other medical field. If this happens, you might have an increase in your CNA Pennsylvania salary or you will be given a higher position. Well, higher position equals higher salary as well.

Looking at the movement in the CNA Pennsylvania salary, the changes might be a bit drastic. In the early 2010, it has risen to a very high point. It even reached more than $20 per hour. However, it went lower and lower; by the end of the year 2010 and early this year. However, as we see it now, the trend goes back to its high point again. Given this, taking nursing assistant jobs in Pennsylvania will still assure you of a god pay after all.

Now, after reading all these positive benefits that you can get from working in Pennsylvania, you must already be lured to working here. Again, there might be some other jobs available in other states. However, if you want security as well as increased benefits through the years, you better go for Pennsylvania. Rest assured, your CNA Pennsylvania salary will be enough to cover your daily and monthly expenses. You can even have more for recreation.

If you want to know a few schools where you can enroll for your certification training; read the items below:

  • County College of Allegheny County – Pittsburgh
    Downtown Center 625, Pittsburgh, PA 15222; (412) 391-1210
  • Country Meadows Nursing Center – Bridgeville
    3590 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017; (412) 257-2474
  • Parkway West Area Vocational Technical School – Oakdale
    7101 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA 15071; (412) 923-1772
  • Lenape Area Vocational Technical School – Ford City
    2215 Chaplin Ave., Ford City, PA 16226; 724-763-7116
  • St. Barnabas, Inc. Nurse Aide Training – Gibsonia
    Meridian Road, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044; (724) 443-0700

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