August 16, 2017

CNA Requirements in Maryland to Keep Certificate Active

A certified nursing assistant has the opportunity to work in various medical establishments. This includes hospitals, clinics, hospices and a lot more. However, it is in nursing homes that CNAs are mostly in demand. Once you have completed a CNA training program, you will be eligible to take the state certifying exam. The moment you pass, you will become a certified nursing assistant and can take part in the challenging world of the nursing profession. On the other hand, nursing assistants who have expired licenses need to file for renewal to legally continue working as CNAs. There are also certain CNA requirements in Maryland to keep certificate active. The renewal must be filed 30 days before your license expires for the Nursing Registry of Maryland to mail back an application form for renewal.

For expired licenses, you will have to contact the state registry to verify the status of your CNA certificate. Once it has already expired, you will have to accomplish some CNA requirements in Maryland to keep certificate active hence you cannot continue working as a CNA in the state. Every CNA certificate issued has duration of 24 months or two years before it expires. This means you can work as a CNA for 24 months in different medical establishments. You can work at Keswick Multi-Care or the Ravenwood Nursing and Rehab Center.

You can also take a refresher course on new CNA techniques and concepts from the University of the District of Colombia. Training is also available at the Millenium/Trans Health of Forestville and the Comprehensive Health Academy. An individual with an expired license will receive a re-application by mail after contacting the state registry for nurses in Maryland. The CNA requirements in Maryland to keep certificate active will be mailed to you as well in 2 to 3 months prior to license expiration.

Individuals can train to become certified nursing assistants in Maryland. A lot of schools offer the training program for prospective students as well as those who wish to take a refresher course after their licenses have expired. Since completion of CNA requirements in Maryland to keep certificate active is needed, you must verify the status of your license with the registry of the state to avoid delay in renewal. You may refer to the list below for more information on schools conducting refresher courses, nursing homes as well as the renewing agency in Maryland.

      • Nursing Board, 4140 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, MD, (410) 585-1900
      • Keswick Multi-Care, 700 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD, (410) 554-0180
      • University Specialty Hospital, 601 South Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, (410) 230-0302
      • Ravenwood Nursing and Rehab Center, 501 West Franklin Street, Baltimore, MD, (410) 837-4990
      • Millennium Trans Health and Rehabilitation Center, 12021 Livingston Road Ft. Washington, Maryland 20744, (301) 292-8743



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