September 23, 2017

CNA Salary in Indiana: an Overview

Most certified nursing assistants in Indiana work in long-term-care, nursing facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, hospitals, medical centers and home health care agencies. This occupation is been referred as a certified nurse aide by the Indiana state. Usually, the CNA Salary in Indiana is slightly less as compared to the national average salary for this profession.
Job Features

The certified nursing assistants aid the patients and long-term-care residents with their daily living activities like grooming and bathing. Further they offer motivation to the individuals who lack enthusiasm. Vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate are recorded by the CNA. They are chiefly responsible for observing the alterations in the physical condition and behavior of the patients.


The Federal law needs certified nursing assistants to work in nursing homes. In Indiana, a certified nurse aide should complete a state-approved training program with at least 30 hours of classroom lessons and 75 hours of clinical training. The certified nurse aide should clear the nurse aide competency evaluation, which comprises of a written and a practical skills test. The nursing assistants in Indiana must be certified to work for nursing homes and also for home health agencies and hospices. The Indiana State Department of Health maintains a registry of certified nurse aides which is used by the employers to verify the qualifications.


Certification aids in job opportunities, but fails to have a huge impact on the salary. The CNA Salary in Indiana was on an average of about $30,900 annually in January 2011, whereas a nursing assistant who was not classified as having certification was earning a salary of $30,400. The average nationwide salary of certified nursing assistants was $32,500 as those not identified as certified at $31,900.

The CNA Salary in Indiana differs from city to city. For example, the certified nursing assistants in Terre Haute, had a median salary of approximately $27,600 in January 2011, whereas those in Indianapolis were making $33,000 each year. In Bloomington, the certified nursing assistants had a median yearly salary of $28,300; while the certified nursing assistants in Fort Wayne received a salary of $29,700, and in Evansville, $30,800.


Job openings of over 600 are showed for certified nursing assistants throughout Indiana in January 2011, at the job search website The employment was available at nursing homes, senior living centers, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. Jobs of various types were available, such as full-time, part-time jobs, diem jobs or jobs on an as-needed basis. The type of postings generally fail to offer the details regarding the salary, but full-time certified nursing assistants acquire full health insurance coverage, paid time off and a retirement savings plan.


  1. I would like to know where the information is coming from as far as the national average of annually income for CNAs is coming from. I make $11.15 an hour, if I were to work 80 hours every 2 weeks, I’d only make $892.00 before takes. Times that by 2, then by 12, I’d only bring in $21,408.00 before taxes and benefits. So where (state, city, facility) can a CNA/PCT actually make the “national average”?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, the CNA salaries are said to be high in the state of Atlanta. You have to note that the salaries of CNA are not the same or similar across all the states. By the way, would you let us know the state where you reside?

    • I work at a hospital in Northeast Indiana and make 8.94 an hour after being there 2 years.

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