August 20, 2017

What Is The Average CNA Salary in Kansas?

The certified nursing assistants aid the patients and long-term-care residents with their daily living activities like grooming and bathing. Further they offer motivation to the individuals who lack enthusiasm. Vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate are recorded by the Certified Nursing Assistant. They are chiefly responsible for observing the alterations in the physical condition and behavior of the patients.

The average yearly Certified Nursing Assistant salary in USA is about $24,900. As per the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment Statistics, in May 2009, the average hourly salary for employees is approximately $12.01. Based on your job location and who your employee is, the average wage differs.

The top earners are those with the most experience, and are in the 90 percentile who earn approximately $33,900 yearly, while the bottom 10 percent certified nursing assistant will earn an average of $17,500 yearly.

As per the report by BLS, the average salary earning of nursing assistants in the United States in May 2009 was $24,900. The pay scale survey revealed that 20,900 people in this industry found that the salary for nurse assistants would be in the range from between $19,800 to $27,000.

The highest average CNA Salary in Kansas was $24,470 amongst those in the metropolitan area of Missouri; next to it was St. Louis where the average was $23,100 for the month of May 2009. While, the lowest salary was in Jefferson City, where the average salary paid per year was $19,300, and in Joplin, it was $19,640 a year.

In case you live in the state of Alaska, the Certified Nursing Assistant salary shall be $32,300 on an average, while those living in the state of Mississippi would earn a yearly average salary of $19,600. Those living in the area of San Francisco metropolitan area would earn an average salary of $32,390, and a Certified Nursing Assistant working in the area of Lewiston, or Idaho metropolitan area would earn $21,100 yearly.

Your average salary shall be $24,000 in case you have been employed in a nursing home and if you are working in the hospitals then, it would be $26,500. Certified Nursing Assistants working in a university can earn a salary up to $29,300 yearly.

The Certified Nursing Assistant salary in United States differs from state to state. The salary may vary from employer to employer. The average CNA Salary in Kansas is $22,420 yearly. While some of the CNAs in Kansas get up to $29,430 yearly. In 2008, the average hourly salary in Kansas was $10.78. In some cases, the CNA Salary in Kansas per hour is $14.15 per hour or more.

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