August 23, 2017

CNA Salary in OH

After completing your CNA training, you will be eligible to sit in a qualifying exam to become a certified nursing exam. Once you have passed, you can work in different medical establishments. This includes working in hospitals, clinics, hospices but it is in nursing homes and residential home care facilities that CNAs are mostly needed. Qualified individuals are given desirable CNA salary in OH especially those with higher number of experience. You can apply for a CNA job in Jennings Center for Older Adults or the HCR ManorCare.

Typically, a nursing assistant will learn theoretical and clinical instructions that are most helpful in passing the licensing exam for CNAs. In getting a CNA job, you must be able to present your certificate of competency issued by the Nursing Aide Registry in Ohio. This will make you eligible for a job employment from various medical establishments in the area. The Long Term Care Ombudsman offers CNA jobs for qualified individuals in the Cleveland Area. Also, Nursing Homes Cleveland offers several available positions for certified nursing assistant. Competitive CNA salary in OH awaits those who are qualified.

An average salary per hour of a certified nursing assistant is at $8.00 to $11.00. This rate depends on the number of working experience of the CNA worker. In addition, the demand for workers in the state is also one factor contributing to the rate of CNAs. To become a certified nursing assistant, you must be able to complete at least 75 hours of CNA training as mandated by the federal law. After which, you will be able to work and receive CNA salary in OH which is around $10.00 per hour. This rate is subjected to change as you acquire more and more years of experience.

The annual CNA salary in OH is between $19,760 and $24,960. This amount is dependent on the years of experience you incurred as a certified nursing assistant. It means that the more number of years you work, the larger the salary you can get. Since your rate will increase through experience, you can get between $8.13 and $10.20 per hour. For more information on employing agencies, you may refer to the list provided below.

  • Nursing Home Cleveland, 1000 Old River Road, Cleveland, OH, (216) 912-7512
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman, 2800 Euclid Ave # 200A, Cleveland, OH, (216) 696-2719
  • Lakewood Senior Health Campus, 13900 Detroit Road, Lakewood, OH, (216) 228-7650
  • Eliza Jennings, 10603 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH, (216) 226-0282
  • Jennings Center for Older Adults, 10204 Granger Road, Garfield Heights, OH, (216) 581-2900

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