August 16, 2017

CNA Salary in PA for 2011

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the most populous states in America. In fact the state’s population has increased by 3.4 percent in the last ten years from the year 2000. The elderly population composes 15.4 percent of the total population of the state and is continuing to grow. With this number, the state faces poor patient to CNA ratio. This means that there are more patients than the number of workers giving direct patient care. There are numerous CNA workers found in hospitals. CNA salary in PA hospital gives competitive rates to experienced workers following the standard CNA salary in PA for 2011.

To be able to work legally in PA, you must finish an accredited program to become a certified nursing assistant. Presently, Pennsylvania is among the other states with high demand in nursing assistants. As the demand grows, more and more CNAs are needed to work in the state. This is in response to the projected growth in the healthcare industry by 14 percent where an increase of 3.2 million new jobs is expected. CNA salary in PA hospital is relatively smaller if you compare it to other jobs in the healthcare industry. However, it guarantees job security since hourly workload never falls shortly. In addition CNA salary in PA for 2011 is highly rewarding making a lot of people interested in working as a nursing assistant.

Work experience is the greatest factor affecting CNA salary in PA hospital. This would mean that the longer you have worked as a nursing assistant, the higher salary you would get. A certified nursing assistant with no working experience can get $22,880 while averaged experience CNAs can get $24,960 per year. For those with greater experience in working as a CNA, $29,120 can be received annually. In hospitals, different rates would apply since CNAs in Pennsylvania hospitals earn $31,000 per year. This is the average CNA salary in PA for 2011 for nursing assistants.

You can apply for a CNA job position in Sacred Heart Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital. Lehigh Valley Hospital Network also offers CNA jobs where you can get good rates from a CNA salary in PA hospital. In addition, with the blowing growth of the elderly population and the increasing rate of child births in the state, hourly workload is guaranteed. Another contributing factor is the location of the hospital and the number of patients in the facility. This will also determine the CNA salary in PA in 2011. For more information on hospitals in Pennsylvania, you may refer to the list below.

  • Leigh Valley Hospital Network, 1251 S Cedar Crest Blvd # 202A, Allentown, PA, (610) 402-8000
  • Sacred Heart Hospital, 421 Chew St, Allentown, PA, (610) 776-4500
  • St. Luke’s Hospital, 1736 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA, (610) 628-8300
  • Easton Hospital, 250 South 21st Street, Easton, PA, (610) 250-4000
  • Palmerton Hospital, 135 Lafayette Avenue, Palmerton, PA, (610) 826-3141

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