August 23, 2017

CNA Salary per Hour in TN

The state of Tennessee is one of the highly populated states in America. To be exact Tennessee is the 17th largest populated state in the country. This state borders 8 other well known states like having the largest urban area such as Nashville and Memphis. While having greater population in Tennessee as compared when you combine other neighboring states and large metropolitan areas, it has created a great deal of demand for certified nurse assistants to take care of sick citizens particularly the aged in the state. The CNA salary per hour in TN for qualified CNA workers varies in different areas of the state.

Due to the increase of the senior population or ageing society in the state, it has contributed in the increasing demand of certified nurse assistants. CNA are highly in demand in areas like hospital, nursing homes, and residential home care facilities. Average CNA hourly salary falls between $8 and $14 all over America. However, CNA salary per hour in TN is comparatively higher from average nationwide pay for certified nursing assistants. Health facilities in Tennessee and other neighboring states are required to offer good salary to maintain employed CNAs or having new nurse assistants with a higher income.

This is why individuals who have plans on taking this medical field and wanting easy and higher earnings must work on different health care centers in the state of Tennessee and its bordering states. However, CNA salary per hour in TN

is based on where you work and how much experience you have. For example, CNAs working in metropolitan areas have higher earnings compared to CNAs working in a small town health care center. More experienced CNAs gets higher salary than the new inexperienced employees. A nurse assistant assigned in intensive care unit also receives better pays than the ones assigned in low key areas.

Certified nurse assistant that works in metropolitan areas acquires high standard of living and bigger health facility, the salary of CNAs in this states is around $31,000 annually. While CNA salary per hour in TN is at $13 but will continuously increase as more years of experience is gained. For more information on employing agencies such as nursing homes and hospitals in TN, you may refer to the information listed below.

  • Baptist Hospital, 2000 Church Street, Nashville, TN, (615) 284-5555
  • Centennial Medical Center, 2000 Church Street, Nashville, TN, (615) 284-5555
  • Nashville General Hospital, 1818 Albion Street, Nashville, TN, (615) 341-4000
  • Crestview Nursing Home, 2030 25th Avenue North, Nashville, TN, (615) 256-4697
  • Belcourt Terrace Nursing Home, 1710 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville – (615) 383-3570

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