August 16, 2017

CNA Schools in Georgia: Learning For a Lifetime

Getting In The Know


If you are looking for CNA schools in Georgia, you won’t have to look all that far. All across the state, CNA schools can be accessed. Community colleges, American Red Cross, and other private institutions offer CNA training on a daily basis; some places even offer evening, night, and weekend classes so everyone interested can find a time that fits into their busy schedule.

Time Involved In Learning


The state of Georgia mandates CNA students to complete eighty-five ( 85 ) hours of instruction. To some, this may sound like too many hours to be in training, but once you consider all of the new information and skills you need to learn, the time is relatively short. Students will learn an abundance of new information such as:


* The aging process and how it affects the human body

* Diseases and illnesses and dementia in patients

* Basic wound care

* Safety precautions such as wearing masks, gowns, gloves, and slip-resistant shoes

* Feeding, bathing, changing, and dressing patients that cannot do it themselves

* Rights of residents/patients and their family members

* Universal safety precautions and much more


Eighty-five hours is accomplished over a course of time. There will be several classes, which are all broken down, that will equal up to the total state required time for training. During the classes, several topics will be discussed. There will also be quizzes, class discussions, class participation, and of course, tests.


Close To Home


Staying close to home is important for many potential CNA students for various reasons such as:

* Cost of fuel

* Transportation issues

* Childcare needs


Whatever reason you may have, it’s still just important to get the training you need close to your own home. No one wants to travel miles away from home, and in Georgia, you won’t have to. Whenever you’re ready to take on the challenge, CNA schools in Georgia are always nearby.


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