August 22, 2017

CNA state exam questions Have Two Parts

Certified nurse aides are skilled medical workers who provide long-term care and assistance to their patients. Their patients may include sick and immobile individuals like the elderly, mentally ill and injured. If you have the passion to serve in the medical industry, you should consider working for CNA jobs. But first, you must take CNA state exam questions to qualify for CNA license. If nurse aides possess a working license, it means that these workers can deal with any given task properly. It is important to note that the nature of CNA jobs can be tough. That is why the industry demands for workers who are skilled and experienced.

The truth is that the demand for certified nurse aides in the medical industry is significantly high, which means more job opportunities will be available for nurse aides in the next years. All you have to do is to get most of the CNA state exam questions correctly to get a valid CNA license. There are several ways to prepare for the actual test. You can make a study guide that contains all the essential information about your upcoming CNA profession. Online practice tests are recommended by most CNAs who took and passed the exam. The good thing is that practice tests can be accessed anytime of the day. Some CNA websites offer it just for free.

There are two parts of the CNA certification test: written and practical. It is necessary for CNA candidates to take both CNA state exam questions on the same day. Also, you have to take and pass both written and practical exams to get a CNA license. You can retake the portion on which you failed to pass in the license test. And if you failed both written and practical tests, there is no reason to worry. Since most of the states in the U.S. offer three attempts to applicants you have more chances of passing the nursing board and become a certified nurse aide.

The written part consists of seventy questions and uses a multiple choice format. However, the number of CNA state exam questions and the passing percentage vary from state to state. The practical or hands-on portion requires candidates to perform at least (5) basic CNA skills and procedures like taking blood pressure, making an occupied bed and recording urinary output. Every applicant is given twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes to demonstrate each task. If you pass both written and practical exams, you will be listed to the official list of nurse aides by the Nurse Aide Registry.

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