August 23, 2017

CNA Training Classes: What Do They Offer?

With the enormous increase of the number of baby boomers as on date, the need for quality or certified nurse assistants is one the rise. The certified nurse aides are those personnel who are certified and have the ability to assist the people who are aged, invalid and terminally ill in day to day activities like bathing, brushing, keeping up the personal hygiene and the like.

While certification proves to be a plus when it comes to taking up as a nurse assistant, a pre-requisite to becoming a nurse aide is the completion of CNA training classes. This is usually offered for 6-12 weeks and forms the base for taking up the certification in this arena.

When it comes to CNA training classes, there are several factors that need intent consideration. The quality is the first and the foremost important factor that needs attention. Advanced training classes, in addition to class room lectures require laboratory classes and hands on.

Home Health Aides, State Nurse Registry, Patient Care Technicians, State Licensing Board and Directory of Nursing Agencies are the major organization that have proven to have the necessary data related to CNA training classes, certification and further advancement options.

cna training classes

Local community colleges and Red Cross in your local area can also provide you with a bunch of related details. The usual duration of the CNA training classes is about 6 weeks. However, this can vary depending on quality and quantity of course content covered.

The current wave seeking certified nurse aides have induced the mushrooming of CNA training classes across many states in the US. Even websites have started offering this online and are very much available to be taken up at the convenience of home.

However, if you are to make a decision on the choice of CNA training classes, the best would be to explore the type of class and the course content that is offered. Best training institutes offer classroom lectures, hands on and practical exposure as a part of the Certified Nurse Aide training. It is important that the one that you choose have these contained in it.

Yet another factor that needs to be taken into accounts the time duration of the training, usually this is 6 weeks in Red Cross. But, this data is subjected to change depending on time and requirements.

With all this, it is important that we read, understand , explore research and choose the best of you intend becoming a certified nurse assistant!


  1. maressa Odom says:

    Looking for a school I can earn my license in 6weeks to 12 weeks can you help me.

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Workforce Investment Act is one such program that offers 2 types of trianing. One is for adults. The other one is for youth. Training provider choice mainly depends on where you live

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