September 23, 2017

CNA Training Classes in Pima

There are a lot of institutions offering CNA training Classes in Pima County and in neighbouring areas. You can become a certified nursing assistant after you have completed a CNA training program and pass the licensing exam. Not only that, you will also get the chance to work in various medical establishments. These establishments include hospitals, clinics and a lot more. You will be able to find most number of jobs in nursing homes and residential home care facilities. Jobs are available in different areas in Pima. Individuals can apply for a CNA job in Sunset Hills Care & Rehabilitation or the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Oftentimes, schools offering CNA training classes in Pima are also medical establishments that provide long term care for the elderly. This will give you more advantage since you do not have to look elsewhere for a CNA job. The nursing home facility of the school you took the CNA class in can be a prospect job opportunity location as well. Aside from this institution, you can also get trained in community colleges, technical and vocational schools as well as different nursing schools. The Mohave Community College offers prospective students CNA training as well as Northland Pioneer College.

The cost of the CNA training classes in Pima is around $400 to $800 while refresher courses are at $100-$200. A lot of institutions are offering school assistance on tuition and fees to those who are encountering economic barriers yet would like to purse the training. Some employers even sent their workers to train for a CNA program in exchange of a year or more of working contract. Working in the medical field guarantees job security since working hours never run short. A job as a certified nursing assistant offers individuals endless opportunities of advancement since it is an entry-level position.

Training to become a certified nursing assistant in Pima is comparatively shorter than any other nursing related programs. You can attend CNA training classes in Pima and complete it within 6 to 8 weeks. For more information about schools and possible employing establishments, you may refer to the list provided below.

  • Sunset Hills Care & Rehabilitation, 1933 Peppertree Drive Safford, AZ 85546, (928) 428-4910
  • Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Medical Center, 3601 S 6th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85723, (520) 792-1450
  • Mohave Community College, 1971 Jagerson Ave Kingman, AZ 86409-1238, (928) 505-3378
  • Northland Pioneer College, 103 North 1st Avenue, Holbrook, AZ 86025-2996, (928) 524-7311
  • Sun Grove Village Care Center, 20625 N Lake Pleasant Rd. Peoria, AZ 85382-9704, (623) 566-0642

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