August 23, 2017

CNA Training Classes in SC: A Summary

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) know that experience, training and the ability to make quick decisions shall help them to succeed in this profession. CNAs in United States can be employed at hospitals, hospices and home-health agencies. In South Carolina, CNA’s can get employment at the Wallace Thomson Hospital in Union and at the Georgetown Hospital System.

Responsibilities of a CNA

The chief responsibility of a CNA rotates around helping patients with their day-to-day living activities such as bathing and oral care, supervising and helping patient’s with their nutritional intake, dressing and undressing the patient, cleaning the bedpan, etc. Apart from this, CNAs identify a patient who goes into sufferings, know when to call for help, and also offer CPR.


Hiring CNA’s can be of great advantage to the medical institutions. The workload of nurses is lightened, and they are able to attend to more patients. Physicians are relaxed as they are aware that the daily living activities of the patients are looked after. Family members welcome having someone aid them with the care of their loved one’s during exercise, toileting, bathing and other activities. Potential CNAs value the quick training which is accomplished within a couple of months. These potential CNAs are capable of earning a livelihood from their newfound skills.

Requirements for CNA Training Classes in SC

The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) supervises the training of new SC CNAs. The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, a federal statute of South Carolina governs the content of CNA Training Classes in SC

Find a State-Approved CNA Training Classes in SC is easy.
SC permits candidates only from state-approved CNA training programs to take the exam. A detailed list of all technical colleges, junior colleges and medical colleges offering CNA Training Classes in SC is posted online. The link is available in the resource section. There is no assurance that the cost of training is same; potential students must compare the programs before signing up for a training class.


At the Midlands Technical College in Columbia, one can get an approved program. Training of CNA was state- approved in South Carolina since 1990. An intensive 102 hour program is offered by the institute. Potential candidates are required to possess a high school diploma or GED, must be 18 years, and shall have to clear a criminal background check. Candidates who clear the program with a grade average of 70 percent or better are offered graduation. The cost of the program is $650, which is not inclusive of the cost of the subsequent Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Services Exam which is compulsory to be taken for been eligible to be employed as a CNA in South Carolina.

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