August 18, 2017

You Can Enroll In CNA Training Courses Online For Free

How can you enroll in CNA training courses online for free? Certified Nursing Assistants assist nurses by documenting crucial information. Certified Nursing Assistants support patients by providing personal care-namely, bathing, feeding, changing adult diapers, dressing, and tidying rooms. (Housekeepers do the heavy duty cleaning such as mopping but many Directors of Nursing require their certified nursing assistants to make beds and wipe down tabletops.) Patients with dementia (a set of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease may attempt to resist your direct care due to their impaired recognition and processing skills.

Unlike many manufacturing, retail, and hospitality positions, nursing home administrators are constantly hiring and often offer overtime hours. Certified Nursing Assistants may be required to work holidays or third shift. The salaries vary by state but are typically in the $10-$17 an hour range.

How can you get certified in a health care profession with guaranteed full-time hours? Most nursing homes offer certification training if you sign an agreement to work for them for a specified period of time upon certification. Simply call local assisted living facilities and discuss training with the Directors of Nursing. If you are more interested in CNA training courses online for free, be sure to ask all the right questions. Regardless of whether your training is 100% onsite at a health care establishment or primarily online, you must pass a state-administered exam to become certified.

free cna cources online for free

If you choose to go the online route, be mindful that legitimate programs will require some hands-on fieldwork experience with actual patients. The essential aspects of the position require expertise handling human beings. Compile a list of online programs and be sure to get the telephone number of an admissions official. Ask each program representative about financial aid such as grants and scholarships so that the coursework is of no cost to you. Ensure that the program is accredited and will adequately prepare you for your state’s CNA exam. Narrowing down CNA training courses online for free requires due diligence, on your part—thoroughly question the admission officials for certification and financial aid information.


  1. How does an online CNA Course work?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Usually, you get to learn the concepts in theory online at your convenience. To complete the hands on that is a part of the training, you might have to visit local medical centers that might have collaborated with your online course provider.

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