August 22, 2017

Preparing For The CNA Training Exam

Preparing for the CNA training exam need not be a stressful, arduous process. As long as you pay close attention, during your training course, ask pertinent questions to your trainer, and practice your skill set until you can perform the duties fluently and effortlessly, you will excel.

The exam is two-fold. There is a written component as well as a skill check set. Each state has its own certification requirements and exam. Whether you received certified nursing assistant training at a community college, trade school, nursing home, or online (legitimate online training courses will require you to do fieldwork on patients), you must pass both sections of the exam to work as a certified nursing assistant. Prepare, in advance, for the CNA training exam.

cna training exam

During your training, keep in mind the old adage “there is no such thing as a stupid question.” You are new to the field and are there to gain knowledge in medical terminology, patient documentation, and proper methods of personal care. The trainer’s purpose is to prepare and educate you. Ask for clarification any time there is a term you do not fully comprehend or if you would like to see the proper steps of a procedure. Speaking of procedures, procedural knowledge is your brain automatically anticipating the next move of a routine. When you’re driving and your foot automatically comes off the gas (or floors it) as soon as you see a yellow light, this is an example of procedural knowledge. Practice your skill set on a friend, roommate, or family member so that you can smoothly perform each step. Your written exam may ask about the Heimlich maneuver, proper dressing and bathing methods, and the proper procedures for a myriad of health care issues. If you ask all the right questions and review your skills set, you will find the CNA training exam to be easy.

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