August 20, 2017

CNA Training Pennsylvania: Available Programs

Most of the certified nursing assistants work in long-term-care, nursing facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, hospitals, medical centers and home health care agencies. There are several CNA Pennsylvania certification programs approved by the state of Pennsylvania.

In 1987, since the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act was passed, it was federally made compulsory that all states must officially approve the certified nursing assistant training programs and maintain a registry of the certified nurse aides.

Several CNA Training Pennsylvania programs are approved by the

• Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing.
• Licensing Requirements of CNA Pennsylvania

The below mentioned criteria should be fulfilled by those who wish to become licensed as a CNA in Pennsylvania:

• State-approved CNA PA training program should be completed
• Clear a criminal history report
• Pass physical examination
• State-sanctioned CNA competency examination should be cleared
• Prior to taking the examination, the examinee should be at least 16 years of age

The requirement to attend a CNA Training Pennsylvania program by petitioning the Pennsylvania Department of Education can be waived off by students who have graduated from an accredited nursing degree program, or who have been licensed as a CNA in another state.

CNA Training Pennsylvania Program Requirements

Students attending CNA Pennsylvania certification programs need to complete both set of classes. Students are supposed to learn a number of skills which involve:

• Care of patient
• Interpersonal skills
• Safety techniques
• Vital signs
• Infection control
• Medical terminologies
• Nutrition
• Human anatomy

After the completion of the class, students are required to exhibit their skills by working in a nursing home.

Candidates who complete their CNA Training Pennsylvania program are eligible to appear for the state CNA competency examination.
CNA Training Pennsylvania Examination

The state of Pennsylvania in coordination with the Pearson VUE, administers the official state CNA competency examination and places those students who have passed onto the official CNA registry.

The Pearson VUE examination consists of two main parts: a skills component and a written component. In the skills part, the students are to perform 5 randomly-selected skills in the presence of a nurse evaluator while, in the second part, students are given a multiple choice test of approximately 50 questions. Those students with disabilities can ask for special accommodations for completing the examination under federal law.

CNA Training Pennsylvania: Available Programs

Nearly every country in the state of Pennsylvania has PA certification programs and they are typically found in community colleges, adult institutions, and long-term care facilities.

Advantages of CNA Pennsylvania Certification

Those candidates who complete the CNA Training Pennsylvania program and pass the state competency examination are eligible to legally work in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the state of Pennsylvania.


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