August 18, 2017

CNA Training Rhode Island: A Brief

There are several CNA RI certification programs approved by the State of Rhode Island.

In 1987, when the U.S. Congress passed OBRA (The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), it was federally made compulsory by all the states to approve and maintain their own certified nursing assistant training programs.

Several CNA Training Rhode Island programs are approved by The Rhode Island Department of Health all over the state, and it maintains a registry of the certified nurse aides working in the state nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

CNA Training Rhode Island Certification Rules

Those CNAs who have no previous nursing education or training should fulfill the below mentioned criteras, so that they can be placed upon the state’s nurse aide registry.

• State-approved CNA Training Rhode Island program should be completed
• State CNA competency examination (which is inclusive of both skill and written examination) should be cleared
• Criminal history background check should be passed

There are a few individuals who possess a nursing background and are eligible to be placed in the CNA registry without attending the CNA Training Rhode Island Program. Such groups are as follows:

• Those possessing an active RN or LPN license
• Those currently certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant in another state
• Those who have completed a 100-hour Certified Nursing Assistant training program in another state

Characteristics of CNA Training Rhode Island Program

All the Certified Nursing Assistant certification programs in the State of Rhode Island are approved by the Department of Health consists of the following basic elements:

• Total clinical training of 100 hours
• Classroom training
• Clinical training of 20 hours
• Complete the program within 90 days

The Certified Nursing Assistant students learn several vital clinical and interpersonal skill areas in the classroom, such as:

• Basic nursing skills
• Infection control
• Emergency procedures
• Communication skills
• Restorative care
• Patients’ rights

Apart from the classroom training, students are engaged in clinical practice under the guidance of a nurse educator with real patients.

Locating a CNA Training Rhode Island Program

State-approved CNA Training Rhode Island Programs can be found throughout the state in numerous community colleges, care facilities, and adult learning institutes.

Advantages of Certified Nursing Assistant Rhode Island Certification

Students who successfully complete the Certified Nursing Assistant training program, and who clear the Certified Nursing Assistant certification examination of the state, are qualified to work as a nurse aide in the State of Rhode Island.

Certified Nursing Assistant jobs shall remain stable and in supply for many years to come, with the aging population hence, ensuring that the nurse aid profession is the best choice for those wishing to enter into the nursing field.

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