August 20, 2017

CNA Certification

A nursing career can be a great opportunity for you to land a high-paying job. If you are amongst the ones who are considering a career in healthcare, you have indeed made the right choice.

You can gain a CNA certification from various institutions. It can be obtained from a community college. Tuition fees in the community colleges are pretty reasonable and it is likely that you will not have to pay a fortune to gain a nursing assistant certification from a community college.

Alternatively, you can also obtain a CNA certification from other campuses (training). One can also get nurse aide trainings in hospitals. Many hospitals provide you with a nursing assistant certification free of cost.

Cna Certification

If you have a job, you can also register for online courses to obtain a certification in nursing. Online courses provide you with the flexibility to keep your job while working towards gaining your degree.

This training program is only complete when you successfully pass the CNA exams after the completion of your nursing degree. Once you pass the CNA exams, you will meet all the criteria of CNA certification.

If you reside in the United States it is likely that you will have to appear in the National Nurse Aide Assessment (NNAP); this is the first exam for to get certified as a nursing assistant trainee. NNAP exams comprises of oral, written and skill testing sections (as segments).

The oral category of the examination consists of ten comprehension questionnaire and many multiple choice questions. The oral exam is taken in English and Spanish.

The written segment of the NNAP examination comprises of a set of multiple choice questions. You are expected to know the answers to these questions.

The final part of the NNAP examination is meant to determine if the applicant is able to successfully perform the task meant for each CNA. This examination is monitored by exam officials and nursing staff and can take place in a hospital setting.

The duration of the the certification can vary from one place to another and may also differ from one institution to another. Most commonly the duration of this certification is around 9-12 months. The certified nursing assistant trainings are usually accredited by the American Nurse Association Commission of Nurse Accreditation. This association has also arranged to offer compensations for all applicants who are eligible.

Each state might have its own criteria for the certified nursing assistant training programs. You may also be asked to undergo health screening and background checks. A nursing assistant can easily find a well paying job in nursing homes and hospitals. Above all, this is a profession where you will earn a lot of self-satisfaction.


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