September 23, 2017

Colorado Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) Registry

Colorado, like all 50 states, employs a Certified Nurse Aide Registry. The registry can be found on the State of Colorado official State Web Portal, Division of
CNAs can take advantage of online registration services or call the Registry at (303) 894-2430.

Many schools in Colorado have started offering CNA programs because of a shortage of skilled CNAs in the state. The Colorado State Board of Nursing oversees rules and regulations and ensures compliance with federal law relating to CNAs. The same board also certifies CNAs that practice in the state. Candidates must obtain a CNA certification, which makes them eligible to work in hospitals; clinics, nursing homes, home health settings, mental health care institutions and long-term medical care facilities.

Colorado CNA Registry requirements are completion of both written and skill CNA State Exam; a good standing employment record; active CNA certification; and the individual must be physically equipped. Individuals must also pass a criminal background check as well as a fingerprint live scan before being able to participate in the certification exam.

The two instances when candidates qualify for re-instatement of a lapsed Nurse Aide Certification is when the candidate can show proof of employment as a Nurse Aid for a minimum of 8 hours within the last two years or when they can show documentation of successfully passing the CNA written and skills exam required by the Colorado Board of Nursing within the last two years.

The Colorado Nurse Aid Registry is highly helpful in the event of a CNA’s relocation to another state. The registry provides information of “reciprocity” meaning does the new state accept Colorado credentials for a CNA? Some states require that you attend another training program approved by that state or take that state’s CNAs certification exam. Some states also require that you pass an FBI background check.


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    Why do certified nurse assistant schools require livescans?

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