August 23, 2017

Comparing Employment Benefits and CNA hourly Salary in NC

Certified Nursing Assistants employed in medical facilities such as Hearthside Home Care Inc. located at 505 State St. Greensboro NC 27405 with tel no (336) 808-1351 enjoy CNA hourly salary in NC that can amount up to $11.09 – $14.14. This rate would depend on the experience of the nurse aides prior to the job application, as well as the training programs they have completed. Certifications may as well increase the hourly wage of the CNAs, especially if they choose to work in large facilities from urban areas of North Carolina.

Note that there are several long-term care facilities located across NC that employ inexperienced nurse aides. These nursing homes and retirement communities are currently experiencing lack of trained professionals, and are willing to give free training programs to interested individuals. The students may need to submit a copy of high school diploma or equivalent, along with copies of background and criminal check. Some health care facilities such as the Mission Health System located at 509 Biltmore Avenue with tel no. (828) 213-1111 provide free training in exchange for 42 hours of employment.

Being hired by long term care institutions as such as inexperienced and unlicensed nurse aides, nonetheless, can give lower CNA hourly salary in NC that only ranges around $6.00-$8.00. The completion of the training program and acquisition of more work experience may raise this hourly rate up to $12 per hour. Comparing this rate to those paid by larger hospitals and health care facilities may see, discouraging, but the insurance and lodging benefits offered by nursing homes in North Carolina has been efficient in drawing in more job applications.

These training providers may also provide career advancement training opportunities upon the completion of the CNA training program. Finishing the course works to become registered nurses or licensed practical physicians can give as much as $32,000 annual wage after the acquisition of necessary documents and employment prerequisites. The following long term care facilities can provide the needed training to boost up the meager CNA hourly salary in NC:

  • The Laurels of Chatham, 72 Chatham Business Drive, Pittsboro, NC, (919) 542-6677
  • Carolina Meadows, 100 Carolina Meadows, Chapel Hill, NC, (800) 458-6756
  • Sanford Health & Rehabilitation, 2702 Farrell Road, Sanford, NC, (919) 776-9602
  • The Forest at Duke, 2701 Pickett Road, Durham, NC, (919) 490-8000
  • Chapel Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, 1602 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC, (919) 967-1418
  • Woodland Terrace, 300 Kildaire Woods Drive, Cary, NC, (919) 465-0356

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