August 20, 2017

Complete Your Nursing Application by Taking the Certified Nurses Aid Exam

To become a certified nurses aid (CNA), you need to get a certification. The last step to complete the whole certification process is to pass a certified nurses aid exam. The said exam is designed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities of a CNA. Of course, workers must have adequate background and experience in their profession. Most employers will look for aides that are skilled and well-trained. Acquiring certification means that you can effectively work in a stressful work environment as a nurses aide. You must pass the exam developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

The exam is divided into two parts: written and practical. Both exams should be taken on the same day. The written exam usually consists of seventy questions and uses a multiple choice format. Just like most exams, a certified nurses aid exam is printed in English. If you have any problem in understanding written English, you can take an oral English or Spanish exam. The passing score for the written exam vary from state to state. In the practical test, you need to perform at least five nursing skills correctly. The practical test would be graded by a designated evaluator.

One of the common skills being performed during the hands-on exam is taking measurement patients like blood pressure, weight, and pulse of patients. Nursing applicants are given at least twenty to thirty minutes to complete each skill. You will also be given the opportunity to ask question before the exam. You need to pass both exams to be granted certification. The Nurse Aide Registry will officially include you to the list of CNAs in your state. Also, you should not worry if you failed the exam. Applicants are also given three attempts to pass the certified nurses aid exam.

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics Occupational Handbook shows that employment of nursing, psychiatric and home health aides will increase due to the replacement of nursing assistants and the expanding medical industry today. The growth rate is said to be faster than the average. There are many job positions which you can apply if you are a certified nursing assistant like personal and home aides and medical assistants. If you have the passion to help and care for patients, this is the perfect job for you. You just need to do your best to pass the certification nurses aid exam.

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