August 18, 2017

Connecticut Certified Nurse Aid Certification (CNA)

Certified Nurse Aid Certification in Connecticut is similar to many other states. CNA Training Programs are a requirement in all 50 states to ensure that a candidate is qualified to work in a long-term health-care facility. To be certified in Connecticut, a candidate must have completed an approved nurse aide training program and sit for a state competency exam within 24 months from completion of their schooling. These training programs must be at least 100 hours and be overseen and coordinated by a Registered Nurse who must have a minimum of two years nursing experience themselves. All individuals must be re-certified every 2 years which usually involves documenting that they have worked at least one 8 hour shift during that 24 month time frame.

There are various ways to find Connecticut CNA Certification training classes, both by telephone and Web search. The Connecticut Department of Public Health, as well as the Bureau of Healthcare Systems maintains a database of Connecticut Approved Nurse Aid Programs. This list encompasses many different types of organizations that offer approved training programs for you to choose from including nursing homes, hospitals, vocational and technical colleges, and high schools.

All nurse aid training classes must consist of theory and clinical practice. Nurse aide students learn approximately twenty-five clinical skills but at the end of the program will only be tested on five randomly chosen hands-on techniques. In order to be certified as a nurse aide, you must pass all five skills. Currently, the State of Connecticut has over 150 nurse aide training programs that have received state approval.

If you are thinking of attending CNA classes at a community college, you may qualify for financial aid as well. Classes offered at long-term care facilities generally charge no fee, but candidates must be accepted into the program and usually must sign an agreement to work at that facility.

To find a Connecticut Certified Nurse Aid Certification program, you can either go to or call The Department of Public Health at 860-509-7400, or finally, call the Education and Employment Information Center at 800-842-0229 to request the list of programs and facilities.

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