August 22, 2017

Continuing Studies in CNA schools in Mandurah

Even Australia is not spared from the current world-wide shortages of nurses among medical facilities, especially among long-term health care institutions and nursing homes. Thus, the government has been exerting efforts to encourage more individuals to enrol in training centers that can get them certificates for aged care to fast track the employment of personnel in health care facilities. Degrees in nursing may be more amiable than certificates as assistants in nursing, but the education can be expensive and trainings can be longer. Thus, the most viable solution for the crisis is to put up CNA schools in Mandurah and other areas with urgent needs for more nursing assistants.

One of the advantages of studying in CNA schools in Mandurah is that the courses are comprehensive enough to be hone skills necessary not only to be competent in the workplace but also to have exemplary performances in career advancement trainings. CNA schools in the district are never merely for assistants in nursing per se. Most of the training providers also offer several trainings to become enrolled nurses, endorsed enrolled nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and midwives. The students should therefore know the differences between these programs in order for them to sign up for the right training based on the preferences of their future employers.

AIN training is the most common program offered by CNA schools in Mandurah. Most employers in the district require TAFE qualifications as AIN certificate III Acute care from those who are applying in hospitals and clinics, and Certificate III Aged Care for those who are vying for positions among nursing homes. Employers rarely accept applicants who stopped attending trainings, which is why being trained as AIN is never enough. One must also go for enrolled or registered nurses training programs in order to increase his or her employment potentials.

Completion of courses to become an enrolled takes about 18 months to two years from TAFE or any health in Mandurah. It is always best to sign u for trainings held in CNA schools in Mandurah to maintain smooth continuity of the courses completed from AIN trainings. AN EN serves as a team leader of the AINs among medical facilities responsible both for patient care and delegations of tasks. On the other hand, choosing to continue the training for an RN position takes three years of completion. Despite longer trainings, RNs can have more sophisticated job descriptions and higher salaries. All of these programs can entail good careers in the medical fields. It simply depends on the choice of the students on which directions are needed to be taken.

  • Peel Health Campus, Lakes Road, Mandurah, (08) 9531 8000
  • Halls Head Clinic, 12 Peelwood Parade, Mandurah, (08) 9581 1012
  • Greenfields Hospital, 4/39 Gordon Road, Mandurah, (08) 9581 7766


  1. rebecca marie shellum says:

    hi , actually i wonder if you can help me at all.
    i currently work in care with the elderly and do fancy researching a bit more about nursing.
    our family are all uk and we do have a permanent residency visa , hence i wish to know rthe best options i can take to contribute to healhcare industry in australia , thats if any one wants to employ me!!!

    • CNAInstructor says:

      One of the nice and lucrative options would be to opt for a CNA certification. This can help you to get yourself actively into the health care industry as a nurse aide. Further, if you continue your education with time, you would even be able to take up as an RN

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