September 23, 2017

Deciding on Facility for Employment Based in CNA salary in Illinois State

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs perform varied basic nursing tasks and responsibilities under the supervision of a registered nurse or physicians. The jobs of CNAs may vary depending on the type of facility they are working in. Generally, nonetheless, a CNA is often assigned to maintain the hygiene, nutrition and wellness of the patients. Some CNAs may as well be tasked to gather blood and other body fluid specimens for laboratory examinations and diagnosis, aside from their usual duty of monitoring the patients’ vital signs and administering of medication. This being said, it wouldn’t be surprising for most individuals to infer that CNAs has the most stressful job in a particular medical facility. Then again, most high school graduates are still drawn to the job because of the opportunity to earn decent salary just by attending few weeks of affordable training programs.

There can be varied CNA wages among the states of America. Illinois, according to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, currently give the highest income to nurse aides with certification. Entry level positions can give CNA salary in Illinois state that ranges between $24,000 to $31,000 per year. This amount of income waiting for the nurse aides may be affected by the facility, location of employment, experience, and training of the certified nursing assistants.

Hospitals in Illinois such as the Northwestern Memorial Hospital located in 251 East Huron Street, Chicago with tel no (312) 926-2000 can give higher CNA salary in Illinois State compared to nursing homes and retirement communities. When one decides to be employed in hospitals and aim to get the most out of the amiable wages of CNAs, he or she needs to choose the facilities located in or close to big cities. Copy of high school diploma, certificate of training completion, social security number and clear criminal check are usually the demands of the employers in Illinois during job applications.

Nurse aides may also opt to work in a nursing home, which may give lower salary rate but come with more job opportunities. The CNA salary in Illinois State from long term health care facilities may give lower wages, but they provide a lot of benefits such as access to insurances and opportunities for career advancements. Widen your employment options by checking through these employers in Illinois today:

  • Career Staff Unlimited, 444 N Wells St # 304, Chicago, IL 60654-4593, (312) 494-9936M
  • The Carle foundation, 611 West Park Street Urbana, IL 61801, (217) 383-3311
  • Advocate health Care, 4600 North Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, (773) 989-7272
  • Covenant Retirement, 124 Windsor Park Dr Carol Stream, IL, (630) 510-2924
  • The University of Chicago Medical Center, 5758 South Maryland Avenue Chicago, IL 60637-1426, (773) 702-6140


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