August 16, 2017

Defying Low CNA Pay Rate in AZ

The Bureau of Labour and Statistics had continuously published studies that lead them to conclude that there will more jobs for certified nursing assistants in the country by 2018. Hearing this news can be overwhelming as there are already thousands of job openings for nurse aides from different medical and health care facilities as a result of the crisis of nurse shortage. It then follows that there will be more schools dedicated to giving training to future nurse aide practitioners in different parts of the country. An influx of enrolees in CNA schools will also be expected. Nonetheless, the availability of jobs for nurse aides is not the only ones that attract CNA hopefuls, especially in states like Arizona. The relatively cheaper tuition fees and amiable CNA pay rate in AZ also serve as a big plus in attracting students for CNA training schools.

It used to be that students need to complete several years in college and attain trainings for them to be possibly employed in the medical profession. Nurses undergo at least four years of training and several months of internships prior to employment. Certified nurse assistant trainings can therefore be considered as advantageous and beneficial as they not only allow individuals to join the medical profession with just a few weeks of training that come with affordable tag prices. They also give high school graduates the privilege to enjoy relatively high CNA pay rate in AZ and from other parts of America.

According to the statistics, the base CNA pay rate in AZ varies depending on the location of the medical facility the nurse aides are employed in. Lake Havasu hospitals and long-term health care facilities have a median wage for CNAs that ranges around $22,469 as of May 2011. Yuma, on the other hand, gives higher rate because it is more urbanized. CNAs in the region enjoy an annual salary of $28,735 while those working in Flagstaff receive $24,868 per year. Tucson and Phoenix also have the highest wage for CNAs which amounts to $25,348 and $27,963 per year respectively.

Looking at these numbers may be overwhelming as there can be no job in Arizona offered to high school graduates that can come close to this salary rates. Nonetheless, the CNA pay rate in AZ is one of the lowest in the country. Lake Havasu City actually ranks in the bottom 10 percent nationwide when it comes to salary rates. Flagstaff and Tucson landed in the bottom 25 while Phoenix and Yuma in the middle 50 percent. However, these findings never discouraged students to enter the following CNA schools in Arizona:

  • MedStar Academy, 8282 West Cactus Rd, Suite E-144 Peoria, AZ 85381, 623-773-9000
  • Coconino Community College, Flagstaff, AZ , 928-527-1222
  • Gila Community College/Eastern Arizona College, Payson, AZ, 520-474-2224
  • Paradise Valley Community College – VAMC, Phoenix, AZ, 602-787-7284
  • Northland Pioneer College, Holbrook, AZ, 928-532-6133

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