August 18, 2017

Do CNAs Require GED? Learn What’s Required to Become a CNA

One of the reasons that so many people are choosing CNA training, is that it’s becoming one of the fastest-growing professions in recent years. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another reason that so many people are choosing to become CNAs is that the salary is lucrative for anyone who wants to specialize. Do CNAs require GED? A certified CNA has any number of options where jobs are concerned. CNAs are in high demand all over the country, and entry level positions are easy to come by. A person who’s certified can work in a hospital or doctor’s office. They may also choose a job in another setting such as a nursing home, rehab center, hospice or home health, or assisted living facility.

Do CNAs require GED? Usually coursework to become a CNA includes medical terminology, basics of health care, first aid, administration of health care, diagnostic techniques, ethics, and pharmacology. Some of the coursework may be taken online, depending upon where the training takes place. When the training has been completed, an exam for certification must be taken. After being certified, the CNA may choose a variety of positions including assistant in a rehab center, nursing assistant, technician, or an assistant in a long-term care facility. Do CNAs require GED?

A high school diploma or GED is usually a necessary requirement to become a CNA. Once you have the necessary documentation, you can take the required classes at a local vocational school or community college to get the necessary training. The training to become a CNA takes approximately two months to complete. At that time, you must take a state mandated exam to become certified and work in a hospital or other healthcare setting. Some of the duties that CNAs perform are assisting patients with their personal care, getting specimens for labs, keeping track of food and fluid intake of patients, and assisting nurses when necessary.


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