August 16, 2017

Do U Need a GED to do CNA? Find Out About Requirements

You should first find out where CNA training is available. Do u need A GED to do CNA? You may sometimes take the training online. If that isn’t an option, find out which vocational schools or community colleges in your region offer training to become a CNA. Another important consideration before you start training, is to find out about the cost of the program. One option that’s sometimes offered, is to complete the training and agree to work in a particular hospital or facility for a period of time if the employer offers free CNA training.

Do U Need a GED to do CNA? You should carefully research all of the course material prior to beginning CNA training. You can find information about how extensive each area of the course is and if you feel qualified to finish the training and pass an exam. Every state has a requirement that anyone taking CNA training must be certified by the state in which they reside.

The standards for CNAs vary from state to state. This applies to the amount of education needed to work as a CNA. Do U Need a GED to do CNA? Usually, the very least of requirements is to have a high school diploma or a GED. In some states, a student may enroll in a CNA program without having a GED, and the state allows for them to obtain the GED when the training is complete. Some states won’t allow you to enroll in a certification program without a GED or high school diploma. However, without having a GED in some states, the student may complete the program prior to obtaining a GED and taking the certification exam. A few states, Texas included, allow students to become certified as CNAs without a GED or high school diploma.


  1. emile mcgee says:

    How you can take cna course without ged or diploma?

  2. Ruben Rossi says:

    Can you have a ged and still be a CNA?

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