August 20, 2017

Do You Need a GED for CNA Classes?

Are you wondering on whether ‘Do You Need a GED for CNA Classes?‘. Well, then the answer to this question is partly yes and partly no. As, there are several establishments which require one to possess a GED diploma to undertake CNA classes though, it is still possible to become a CNA without possessing a GED diploma.

Well, in case after your question ‘Do You Need a GED for CNA Classes?’ is answered and then you decide to go ahead with it but are faced with different queries such as how to get started, the costs, etc. To get all your queries cleared, you shall require to read through this article which discusses in details regarding all your queries.

Getting Started

Initially, you need to search for local CNA online training or your local community college resource center. You can take the help of the several web sites which are available, for your search for training programs in your area. Such a search function is provided by The Health Care Training Center.

You can get in-depth information regarding all that shall be required of you when you commence working and the nature of classes through web sites like CNA Training.

Getting Help for the Exam

After the initial step of searching for the schools in your area, the next step shall be to find out whether they require a GED. There are many schools which mention their requirements right on their website. At times, the school may aid you in getting your GED as a part of your education at their facility. Usually, it is observed that if you have the skills required to clear the CNA exam, you will also have the skills required to clear the GED exam. Several of the schools are eager to enroll the candidates in their CNA classes and help them do what it takes to get there.

Getting Help with Costs

Pursuing your career without a GED diploma could be a scary experience. The cost for CNA courses range from $300 and $600 dollars. And in case you would like to do GED diploma then you should add the cost of GED diploma too, to calculate the total expenses.

Do You Need a GED for CNA Classes?

You should check your local health care facilities as there are a few hospitals and larger health systems which offer free CNA training in case you work for them for a specific period of time after you complete your certificate. This is an excellent offer as you could get your GED, get trained as a CNA, and also obtain a secure job, without spending a penny.

You should also search into potential schools and check with local health systems to enquire if they offer trainings like these and if they would also help you take your GED exam.


Possessing a good career in a consistent field can be worth all the efforts and expenses put into it. After completion of the CNA course and GED, you will be rewarded with a good paycheck, a sense of achievement, and the fact that you are helping other people.
Hope your queries related to Do You Need a GED for CNA Classes? is all clear now.


  1. do you have to have a ged to be a cna?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Not necessarily. But if you do not have your high school diploma,you might have to have the GED. Either of this is mandatory usually

  2. How you can take cna course without ged or diploma?

  3. Karen Sherwood says:

    Where can i take cna training online to get certified?

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