August 23, 2017

Do You Need a GED to Get Your CNA License, and How Do I Become Licensed?

Your first course of action is to find out do you need a GED to get your CNA license from the nursing school you’ll be attending. This information should be easily obtained from the college’s website or from the college catalogue. If required, some schools may allow you to earn your GED while you’re taking the CNA coursework. While this may incur extra educational costs, you’ll be able to enter into your career much more quickly. At a minimum, most schools who admit CNA students without a GED do require a literacy test.

Sometimes do you need a GED to get your CNA license also depends on whether you’ll be attending a private CNA school, a community college or entering into employment with a non-hospital facility, such as a nursing home. A private school that specializes in CNA training might admit students without a GED if certain tests can be successfully passed. Community colleges generally require a GED, but may allow students to earn credit for both their CNA program and a GED. Some healthcare facilities provide training without a prior GED. In most settings where the GED isn’t required, students should at least have a 10th grade education.

After completing your CNA courses, you will need to take an exam. The issue of do you need a GED to get your CNA license is finally resolved when you take your exam. Your instructor will advise you on when and where the exam may be taken. After taking the exam, an application will need to be submitted to your state’s nursing board. Criminal background checks and fingerprinting are generally required.


  1. How to get your cna license online?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      Training courses are available online. For practical hands on,you might have to visit the local hospitals that have a tie-up with your training provider. Once you get enrolled in a training, everything should be through within 6-12 weeks as such

  2. How much is a CNA license?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      It depends on the training that you take. Usually you can even take the online classes for free. But red cross trainings are expensive and can go up to a few thousand dollars to complete the training and the exam

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