August 18, 2017

Do You Need GED or Diploma for State Certification? How Do You Obtain a GED or Diploma?

When you find out do you need GED or diploma for state certification, you’ll have a better idea of where to begin. GED programs are often offered at the same community colleges that offer nursing programs. At the conclusion of the GED program, you’ll need to take and pass an exam. This is usually the easiest option for those who didn’t graduate from high school. Some may prefer to enroll in a high school program for adults that results in a diploma. These programs are often taken by mail or Internet. Always make sure the program requires actual coursework and is regionally accredited. Depending on the school, you may be able to take some preliminary courses that can be used for dual credit towards your CNA training.

After determining the answer to do you need GED or diploma for state certification, you may enroll begin your coursework. The actual amount of time varies based on the school. You should anticipate your training taking about six weeks on average. An application process and a CNA exam both follow the completion of the CNA course. The application process will involve a criminal background check. This helps protect the safety of the patients that CNAs will work with. A written test with an emphasis on clinical skills is required, and students must pass it.

Following the completion of the test and the application being submitted to the state nursing board, you’ll be able to receive your certification. This process may take a few weeks, so be patient. Once you have received your certification, you can easily seek employment as a CNA. Do you need GED or diploma for state certification? Generally, yes, but it is a relatively easy process.


  1. How can you get an CNA on line when you have to?

    • CNAInstructor says:

      You can do this online by identifying the right training provider. You might take the classroom or the theory part online with ease.However, for the hands on, it is recommended that you go in person to a clinic to get this part of the training for that can give you a better exposure to handle the practical events in case of employment

  2. Francis Garcia says:

    How can you become a cna without having your diploma?

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