August 16, 2017

Earning A CNA Certification in NC

Did you know one of the most sought after educational degrees is in nursing, which makes earning a CNA certification in NC a big deal? Most folks contemplating earning this certificate search for programs by state, which is why we’ve tagged the abbreviation for North Carolina into this article. Believe it or not, some states have slightly different requirements for earning this certificate.

The key step to stepping into the nursing profession is earning this certification. The certificate qualifies you to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant, opening the doors to a huge job market filled with quality and satisfaction. What exactly does a Certified Nursing Assistant do? He or she operates as a direct caregiver, helping patients with daily living activities.

Earning a CNA certification in NC can be done at either a traditional or online campus. Training prepares you for assisting patients with many vital daily activities that include feeding, dressing, toileting, bathing, taking vital signs, ambulating, comforting, and listening to patient concerns. Most holders of this certification work in a variety of settings; nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care centers, adult day care facilities, hospice, and even in-home care settings.

If you love helping people, you will gain great satisfaction within the many branches available to the nursing profession. As an aide, you will be a key part of any health care team; an ambassador representing the integral link between patient and nurse.

Each state’s certification exam is state certified. Due to this, the exam can vary greatly from state to state. It is important to search for programs in your state that offer a state certified program to properly prepare you for the exam.

If you can attend training in person, Caring for Life in Jacksonville, NC offers an outstanding three week program. Their program is structured around practice question, videos, handouts, and lectures. If you are looking for an online program, many of the top national colleges offer programs that apply per state. University of Phoenix and DeVry University both offer established programs.

Do not rule out your local community college. Many community colleges offer traditional, online, and hybrid (combination of traditional and online) campus programs to earn this certificate. Regardless of which avenue you decide upon, earning a CNA certification in NC will open a door to exciting opportunities.

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