August 22, 2017

Enjoying Benefits From CNA Training in Bunker Hill Community College

The Bunker Hill Community College in Boston is one of the few schools in Massachusetts that are known to provide high quality training for certified nursing assistants. The school actually specializes in training and certificate programs for Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician. Nonetheless, the CNA training in Bunker Hill Community College remains to be one of the best, as the courses taken from nurse aide training programs are required for the completion of CMA and PCT classes.

Taking CNA training in Bunker Hill Community College has several advantages. The course work followed by the school is inclined to providing basic training for patient care technician. Thus, students can expect more flexible knowledge in nursing care, along with more comprehensive training in interpersonal communication techniques. Students under the nurse aide training program are also trained to be efficient in computer and medical equipment operation. Completing the program then can entail more employment options. Students may opt to continue their studies to become laboratory technicians or stop at being nurse aides and get employed in various medical facilities near the area.

Currently, the Bunker Hill Community College now located at 250 New Rutherford Ave., Boston, MA 02129 with tel no (617) 228-2000 admits 11,000 students annually. They follow an open admission policy, which can be beneficial to students who can present a high school diploma or a GED. Acceptance to the program subjects the student to classroom lectures, laboratory practices, and clinical practicums that can effectively hone their skills in patient and clinical skills, as well as in health communications.

Graduating from CNA training in Bunker Hill Community College entails the students with a certificate of completion in patient care technician training and CPR training. Nonetheless, students may still need to undergo 21 hours of patient care internships prior before they can be issued with these certificates. The acquisition of proof of certificate completion can then qualify the students for the state licensure exam that can allow them to work legally as certified nursing assistants in the following facilitites:

  • Boston Medical Center, 1 Boston Medical Center Place, Boston, (617) 638-8000
  • Kindred Healthcare, 1515 Commonwealth Avenue MA 02135-3617, (617) 254-1100
  • North End Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 70 Fulton Street, Boston, (617) 726-9700
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, 125 Nashua Street, Boston, (617) 573-7000
  • South Cove Manor Nursing Home, 120 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, (617) 423-0590


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