August 23, 2017

Enroll for the CNA Programs in NC

Certified nurse aides (CNAs) are healthcare workers that provide care and assistance to psychiatric, elderly and immobile patients. Because of the fast-growing medical industry in the United States, more medical workers like CNA workers are hired today. To become a nurse aide, one must finish the available CNA programs in SC . Community colleges, vocational schools and medical facilities offer CNA training, with some schools offering free training programs.

Just like any medical worker, nurse aides or nurse assistants must undergo formal CNA training. You cannot take the CNA certification test without attending the CNA programs in SC . The State of South Carolina only accepts candidates from state-approved training programs in taking the CNA test. It is important to remember that certification by the Nurse Aide Registry is the last step to become a nurse assistant. Also, the nurse aide training will be essential in your preparation for the CNA test.

The training program usually lasts for four (4) to ten (10) weeks, depending on the program you enrolled. For example, the Midlands Technical College offers a 2-month state-approved CNA training program located in Columbia. Most CNA programs in SC require applicants to possess a high school diploma and pass the criminal background check and various physical tests. The CNA training is divided into two portions: classroom instruction and clinical practice.

By the end of the CNA training, you will learn how to perform different nurse assisting tasks such as providing denture care, operating medical equipment and taking measurements of patients. Once you are a certified nurse aide, you can start working in any medical facility and earn good compensation. According to, the annual median salary for CNA workers is $26,000. If you want a rewarding career, you should start enrolling in CNA programs in SC.

Here’s the list of schools and medical facilities that provide CNA training:

  • Palmetto Health Baptist, 1330 Taylor Street, Columbia, SC 29201-2915(803) 296-2273 ‎
  • Clover Middle School, 1555 State Highway 55, Clover, South Carolina 29710(803) 222-4591 ‎
  • Darlington County Institute Of Technology, 160 Pinedale Drive, Darlington, SC 29532-6013(843) 398-4796
  • Medford Nursing Center, 105 Medford Drive, Darlington, SC 29532-2719(843) 398-7000
  • Midlands Technical College, 316 Beltline Blvd, Columbia, SC 29205-3624(803) 738-8324 ‎

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