August 16, 2017

Enrolling in CNA Schools in Adelaide

There is a long list of reasons on why students need to enrol in certificate III aged care training from reputable CNA schools in Adelaide. One advantage enjoyed by graduates of the program is their easy employment after the completion of the courses. And indeed, it is easier to get hired with this certification especially in nursing homes, which are known to open multiple job vacancies for assistants in nursing with certificate III in aged care. Another reason is that the students are given more learning opportunities where they can further hone their skills necessary to become competent in the profession.

Note that CNA schools in Adelaide offering courses for certificate III such as the SMP Training Centre located at Level 9, Shell House 170 North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000 tel no (08) 8410 6470 follow a holistic approach in inculcating skills and discipline needed for high quality job outcomes. The certificate III training differs from other programs as the schools in Adelaide are mandated by the federal government to provide courses focusing on a supportive learning environment which develop not only the physical capabilities of the assistants in nursing, but their mental and emotional soundness as well.

Compared to other training programs in some parts of Australia, CNA schools in Adelaide have longer duration of training. Students need to complete the courses within 8 weeks, including a work placement that lasts for two to four weeks or 76-100 hours. The schools in the region requires the trainees to get necessary work experience as they attend classes four days a week with a schedules that can be negotiated in the office of admissions. The programs cover courses in personal care, first aid for the elderly, self-medication assistance, dementia care, communication enhancements and palliative care.

Some training centres may require the students to submit copies of their grades from Year 10 level, but most CNA schools in Adelaide only admit applicants who have completed Year 12 or equivalent for the training programs. International students need to submit a certified of their IELTS exam result. A score of 5.5 is required for the program application. The tuition fees for local and international students may also differ. On average, the schools in Adelaide for AIN certification costs around 1890 AUD. International students pay heftier fees, but this all depends on the school they are applying for and the crediting of their work experiences from other countries.

  • Lifestyle Development, 10 Newton Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074, Australia
  • EQUALS International Institute, 81 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000, 1300 889 939
  • IBF Healthcare College, 186 Glynburn Road, Tranmere, South Australia, 5073, (08) 8131 2036

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