August 22, 2017

Enrolling in CNA Schools in Brisbane with Certificate III

Australia is currently one of the countries with high demands for nursing assistants as the federal government aims to have improved health care system that can meet the standards of neighbouring and highly developed countries with competent and continuously advancing medical field. Nurses in the country may be sufficient with relatively higher population, but there remains a need for more nursing assistants as the health sector of Australia is now geared towards offering palliative care to patients outside the hospital. The government is investing in nursing homes, which therefore leads to more job vacancies for certified nursing assistants. As the demands grow, the number of schools that offer training also increases, which can therefore be accounted to the influx of CNA schools in Brisbane.

Similar to any other schools for nurse assistants in the country, the CNA schools in Brisbane include courses that teach the students the needed theoretical and applied basic nursing skills. Learning how to maintain the grooming of hygiene of patients, as well as the maintenance of their environment only serves as the first phase of training for the nursing assistants. Students are required to sign up for more advanced programs after the completion of courses from the first training in order for them to be eligible for nursing assistant positions. Thus, the schools in Brisbane are more focused on providing training necessary to get Certificate III Acute Care.

The students, can of course, have the option to refuse classes for Certificate III but this is highly discouraged. Acute care certified nursing assistants can have wider more job opportunities compared to those who have simply completed primary training programs. Major public and private hospitals prefer to hire personnel with Certificate III acquired through trainings from CNA schools in Brisbane. To encourage more students to take advanced nursing assistant training programs, the local health offices and organizations offer amiable wage packages exclusively for those who attained higher trainings.

In such cases, students then need to choose CNA schools in Brisbane that are not only efficient in honing their skills as future nurse assistants, but also as enrolled or registered nurses should they choose to pursue more education in the nursing field. They should also ensure that prior to the enrolment, they have completed the general requirements for the training programs which may include police clearance and first aid training certificates.

  • Brisbane north institute of TAFE, Ithaca Campus, Fulcher Rd, Red Hill – 13 1248
  • Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, 337 Logan Rd, Stones Corner Qld 4120, 1 300 880 933
  • Charlton Brown, Level 3, 31 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006, 61 7 3216 0288

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