August 23, 2017

Everything You Need to Know about Certified Nursing Assistant Test Questions

The demand for certified nurse assistants (CNA) keeps on increasing because of the improving medical industry today. Just like most medical professionals, nurse assistants are mandated to possess a CNA license and pass the certification test. They have to answer the certified nursing assistant test questions correctly to get a CNA license. CNAs are trained medical workers that give care and service to immobile patients. They are expected to handle every situation correctly and to understand the condition of their patients. Most of their patients include psychiatric, infirm or elderly individuals.

Certification is necessary for nursing assistants. They cannot apply for CNA jobs if they are not licensed. It is very important for applicants to get the most certified nursing assistant test questions correctly. Of course, you cannot risk failing the CNA test. Every nursing applicant has devoted so much time and money to become certified. Also, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing conducts the test to ensure that nursing assistants have the capacity to deal every task in their profession. If you pass the test, you will be included in the official list of CNAs in your state.

The actual test is split into two parts: written and hands-on. Both exams must be done on the same day. You also have to pass written and hands-on exams to be granted certification. That is why you have to prepare for the certified nursing assistant test questions to pass the CNA exam. The written portion, which is objective type, usually makes use of the multiple choice format. The average number of questions given in the license test is seventy (70). However, the number of questions and its passing percentage varies from state to state.

Basic nursing skills are required to be demonstrated by the applicant in the hands-on portion. At least five nursing skills and procedures will be performed in this portion. An evaluator will assess and grade your performance. You must perfect certified nursing assistant test questions in the hands-on part of the exam. If you pass both parts of the exam, you are good to have a CNA license. You will qualify to work in any nursing assistant positions like medical assistants and occupational therapist assistants.

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