August 22, 2017

Examination for CNA

If you want to start a medical career, you should pursue CNA jobs. CNA stands for certified nursing assistants, one of the highly demanded medical jobs today. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Handbook reports that job opportunities such as nursing, psychiatric and home health aides are expected to increase, faster than the average growth rate. Nursing assistants are trained to provide assistance to immobile patients like the physically and mentally ill. There are plenty of CNA jobs available in every state today. You can be part of the industry if you pass the examination for CNA.

You can never qualify for nursing jobs if you do not get a certification. Certification only happens when you pass the examination for CNA, otherwise known as the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). Passing the exam will make you eligible for employment. The Nurse Aide Registry of your state will also place your name to the official list of nursing aides. The actual exam is composed of two parts: written and hands-on. Both exams happen on the same day. Your goal is to pass both parts of the examination for CNA to become a certified nursing assistant.

An average number of seventy questions are asked in the written exam. However, the number of questions and the passing score of the written exam depend on the state you belong. Written in English, the exam uses a multiple choice format. But if you do not understand written English, you can choose an oral English or Spanish-translated exam. The practical exam requires you to perform at least five basic skills correctly. A designated evaluator is authorized to grade your performance. If you fail one portion of the examination for CNA, you can still retake the portion which you failed. CNAs are given three attempts to pass the exam.

There are many job positions you can apply when you are a certified nursing assistant. Positions like medical assistant, occupational therapist assistant, child care worker and personal and home care nursing aide are some of the positions which you can pursue. You can earn as high as $10 or more per hour as a nursing aide. It is also important to note that the demand for nursing assistants is growing larger these days. You just have to pass the examination for CNA to qualify you in any nursing jobs in the country.

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