August 22, 2017

Facts about CNA Training in Syracuse NY

Certified nurse aides (CNAs) are medical assistants that provide long-term care and services to the different medical facilities. Due to the growing demand for CNA workers, more people are enticed to work for the expanding medical industry. By attending the CNA training in Syracuse NY , you will be qualified to work as a nurse aide in various medical industries such as hospitals, nursing centers and employment services. Completing the nurse aide training serves as a requirement in taking the CNA certification test.

CNA workers work under the supervision of registered nurses and perform various clinical and medical tasks such as completing nurse assessments, recording health information, operating medical equipments and feeding and bathing patients. Nurse aides, also called as nurse assistants, are required to attend and finish a formal training program. Without being trained, nurse aides will find it difficult to perform nurse aide duties and responsibilities. To qualify for CNA training in Syracuse NY , you must have a high school diploma or GED.

The New York State Department of health (DOH) requires applicants to take at least 100 hours of nurse aide training. Accredited community colleges, vocational schools and medical facilities offer CNA training in Syracuse NY like the James Square Health and Rehabilitation, which offers a free six-week nurse aide training. The CNA training is divided into two portions: classroom instruction and clinical practice. The classroom instruction will teach students about the different nursing concepts and subjects such as restorative care, physiology, anatomy, and nutrition.

There are good reasons why you should enroll for CNA training. Nurse assistants enjoy good compensation, earning an average $24,000 per year in Syracuse NY. Also, the demand of nurse aides is expected to increase at 18% by 2018. Enrolling in CNA programs in New York may costs from $1000 to $2000, depending on the program you enrolled. Once you finished the training program, you should take the CNA certification test. By passing the test, you will be given nurse aide certification from the Nurse Aide Registry.

Here are some facilities that offer CNA training programs:

      • James Square Health & Rehab, 918 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203-2593, (315) 474-1561 ‎
      • St Camillus Health & Rehabilitation Center, 813 Fay Road, Syracuse, NY 13219-3009, (315) 488-2951
      • Birchwood Elderwood Health, 4800 Bear Road, Liverpool, NY 13088-4604, (315) 457-9946 ‎


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