August 23, 2017

Familiarizing Nursing Assistant Exam Questions

It is necessary for nurse aides to take and pass a licensure examination. You have to answer the nursing assistant exam questions correctly to qualify for CNA license. Certified nurse aides or CNA are trained medical workers who specializes in giving care and assistance to patients. Their patients, usually found in nursing homes, may include psychiatric, infirm or elderly patients. They usually help these patients in doing daily activities like walking, eating and bathing. Nurse aides are also tasked to record vital health information of their patient like blood pressure, pulse rate and body weight.

The license test will measure your skills and knowledge as a nursing aide. CNAs work in a demanding environment, which means that they have to be trained and experienced as they do nursing jobs. Obtaining a CNA license will attest your capability as nurse aide. The nursing assistant exam questions are developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. If you have passed the exam, your name will be included in the list of certified nursing assistants of your state’s Nurse Aide Registry. You can start working for CNA jobs once you have passed the license test.

The test is composed of written and hands-on portions. Applicants must complete both exams to get CNA certification. There are a seventy nursing assistant exam questions in most CNA tests. The number of exam questions and the passing score of the exam also varies from state to state. The written exam asks objective type of questions and uses a multiple choice format. The written exam is printed in English language. However, some states offer oral English or written Spanish exams for those who have difficulty in understanding written English.

In the hands-on part, applicants are asked to perform at least five basic nursing skills to be selected randomly. An evaluator is assigned to assess your performance. You must perfect the five skills to pass the hands-on exam. Failure to answer the nursing assistant exam questions correctly will revoke their application for CNA license. The good news is that you can still retake if you failed the exam. Most states give three attempts to nursing assistant candidates. You must always remember that your only goal is to pass the certification exam.

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